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February 2020
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Accepting Change
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Accepting change is not always easy, in fact, it can be really hard. However, change cannot be helped or avoided. So instead of fighting the universe, and circumstances, I’ve learned that without sadness, we cannot fully experience joy; and without change we can’t grow. As hard as it may seem, the journey of life, and all the unexpected experiences is where real beauty is found. If you can experience both the spiritual and the human experience – well, that is our purpose!
The older I get I can see all these stages I have gone through. Through each and every stage, I thought most definitively, “this is who I am.” Yet as wisdom declares, “the only consistent is change.”
Changes that occurs unexpectedly alter days, months, or years of our life. This doesn’t just include, status, interests, and styles. Instead, the change we go through is all of that, plus, emotional intelligence and our physical makeup. The fact is, like it or not, changes will always appear in your life; and often times we didn’t even realize it was happening until your already in the middle of it or even past it.
Consider this, what did you most look forward to, let us say three years ago? Is that exactly the same thing you look forward to now? I would guess not. If it is similar, I would think it has been re-centered, refocused with additional elements to it. Let me get personal with this, I started as a instrumentalists, became a DJ, began writing about music, had a spiritual awakening due to my experience with music, studied metaphysics, changed my life, and now I am a professional writer promoting wellness, love and spirituality. What an unexpected transformation!
Admittedly, each phase wasn’t always easy. I had a number of growing pains learning about pride, intent, trust, faith and acceptance. As I look back on the past 10 years, I find it helpful to envision my past as story. With all the twists and turns, and lessons learned, I had to ask myself “would I read that book?” For me, the answer to my story is, yes I would read that. I accept my past, I accept the changes that has occurred and the changes to come. Not just because, it’s unavoidable, but because changes provide a rich life, full of all the ranges of emotions and experiences. So before you create anxiety over the many stages of your life or the one you may be going through right now; ask yourself this… Without the plot twists, lessons, textures and richness in your life, would you read your book?
Our journey is our purpose, so embrace change, and all that comes along with being you. Most importantly, how can you accept change? You can accept each experience in love. With love, you will see that change can be the most exciting and beautiful moments of your life!

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