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February 2020
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Defining Inner Beauty
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Inner Beauty is defined in our culture in two different ways. One, it has been described as someone’s positive attributes that are not physical defined. Two, it is often a punchline to a cruel joke about people that don’t necessarily have typical physical beauty. However, the beauty icon, Audrey Hepburn defined real beauty perfectly. She said, “The beauty of a women is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows.”
Did you know you can visibly see the inner beauty that Audrey Hepburn spoke of?
Consider this: Have you ever met someone and just got ‘a feeling’ when your around them? You feel excited, comfortable, warm, or motivated. Then you have experienced their inner beauty. On the opposite end- normally, I do not use the word “ugly.” It’s mean and hurtful, but when it comes to inner descriptions, I think it can be used appropriately; since being ugly on the inside is a choice. Since you can chose to be harmful to others and yourself. Either way, if you’re open to seeing all beauty you have felt both inner beauty and inner ugly.
Also, I am sure we have all met a “typically” attractive person whose energy is less than desirable. The same can be experienced with a “typically” less attractive person. The point is, inner beauty can be found in any “type” of person; not to mention, inner ugly can be found in anybody regardless of looks. No matter what side of the physical you sit on, inner beauty or inner ugly transforms physical appearance.
Let’s review three reasons why inner beauty so important.
First, because when you are full of joy and kindness (inner beauty), you not only spread love, but you love yourself. We all know it’s hard to be attracted to someone who shames themselves and others. Often times they are bullies and hard to be around; even if they are a “10”. Second, when you have inner beauty, and you’re expressing that beauty, you attract beauty. This includes better and more trusting friends, relationships and remarkable experiences. Basically, people that are beautiful within have more joy. Lastly, inner beauty attracts, as does outer beauty, but as the saying goes, “(physical) beauty fades…” then what? Inner beauty is forever.
I think it is safe to say, outer beauty without inner beauty doesn’t exist. For that reason it is essential to love yourself, be compassionate and take care of your inner self, just as much as your outer appearance. Essentially, when you express inner beauty you choose to be beautiful. As Paulo Coelho said, “Outer beauty is inner beauty made visible…”

4 Responses to “Defining Inner Beauty”

  1. Jessica Says:
    I totally agree with you. Beauty is not only about our outer body, it comes from inner soul. The positivity and confidence of the person make them attractive.
  2. Martina Alvarez Says:
    I consider Audrey Hepburn as a mentor in my life. I always inspired by her in my life. Thanks for the article.
  3. Astor Brookman Says:
    You can not hate people with inner beauty. And you can also identify people who is beautiful from outside but try to fake the inner beauty.
  4. Chaz Daniels Says:
    Beauty really does come from the inside. If you showed me 2 people, 1 who meets all the traditional beauty standards but is not nice, and then 1 person who wasn’t traditionally attractive but a good person, I would not hesitate to find the good person more attractive overall because they are a kind, genuine person with a pure heart. Inner beauty is much more important than outer beauty.

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