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February 2020
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Sonja Brooke: Ebony taking the World of Fashion by a Storm
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Companies operating on a global level require models and brand ambassadors to appeal to their customers belonging to different classes and ethnicities. While it is relatively easier for companies making and selling beauty products to find white models, they struggle to appeal to the people belonging to black and mixed ethnicities. Even on the international modeling stage, there is hardly a name after Naomi Campbell who has become a symbol of ebony beauty for blacks around the world. But Sonja Brooke, a beautiful and elegant ebony girl from Australia has today become a very successful and popular international model.

Born in 1982, Sonja is tall and petite, and she has a face that has been used by many companies across the world to be their ebony face for consumers spread across the world. She is a spokesmodelwho is today a brand ambassador for APFD, an international diamond jewelry company. She has previously worked for many other renowned companies like De Beers, L’Oreal, Bendon Lingerie, Gottex, Revlon, etc. Sonja has appeared in many other commercials and advertisements to date. She is not just a beautiful face but also a great actress as she has also earned praise for her acting abilities. She has so far appeared in no less than 17 movies.

After having carried out promotional campaigns for diamond companies like De Beers and APFD, Sonja Brooke has become a much sought after model for jewelry companies, especially those selling diamonds. Her name and face are being associated with high purity and quality reflected by GIA diamonds. Her name is taken with respect in the world of High Fashion in countries like France and Australia. She is also a known face in the world of beauty and glamour in the city of New York.

With a very pretty face and a near perfect body, Sonja has helped in the launch and marketing of products and services of many companies around the world. She has become a known face among the masses and businesses know they can connect with a large section of the black population if they can sign her to do promotional advertisements for them. Sonja has a lovely figure and she has also adorned center stage on Playboy. She is the heartthrob of millions of men around the world because of her beauty and sex appeal.

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  1. Dana Glassman Says:
    It’s great to know about Sonja Brooke. It’s a really an achievement for her to lead the ebony fashion market. Have a great future ahead.
  2. Audrey Mitchell Says:
    I saw her in one commercial for diamonds. She is great and her acting is also nice. Love to see more from here.
  3. Irma Feltz Says:
    Very interesting post! She sounds like a very intelligent woman and is a perfect example that you can be pretty and smart at once. Lovely article!

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